Iggy Azalea, Tinashe- Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Aidan Bissett-Capitol Records

Fletcher ft. Trevor Daniel-Bitter

JANE FONDA-A Masterclass in Activism for Harper's Bazaar UK (teaser)

Client: Elle Indonesia
Talent: Laura Dern

Lily Collins for British Vogue's Inside The Wardrobe

Troye Sivan-Rager Teenager! music video
Client: Universal Music/Capitol Records

Christine Quinn for the cover of Vogue Ukraine & Vogue Beauty UA

Client: Highnote Clothing
Brief: Create a captivating motion piece for the new Scott Storch streetwear collection

NOTD-"Nobody" ft. Catello

Christine Quinn for the cover of Grazia

Client: Under Armour

Brief: Create a campaign film incorporating a circuit workout featuring 4 female Olympians, across 4 different sports. This film is about celebrating the strength & camaraderie between women in sport.

Client: SIR The Label

Brief: Pre-Fall Campaign 2019.  

Client: Laud Magazine
Brief: Stylized beauty film for social & digital marketing
Who: Kia Low @ Priscillas

Client: Witchery
Brief: Witchery AW Campaign, May. Create a fashion film that showcases the raw and vast landscapes of Tasmania while capturing the clothing in movement. Seamlessly move between the stories while maintaining an overall mood throughout the piece 

Client: Sheike

Brief: Spring Campaign. Create a beautiful, nostalgic feeling campaign film with a nod to the European spring time.

Who: Zoe Barnard @ IMG

Client: Mimi Elashiry x Paco Rabanne

Leave A Flower • A short film

Leave A Flower is based on a fast-paced and mesmerising dynamic between two friends that are living parallel lives.

Returning home following a wild night, it’s evident that their thoughts and actions don’t align. Caught in a complex cycle of love, lust, denial and self sabotage, if they can’t navigate their attraction they risk losing each other both as lovers and friends.

Client: Black Magazine
Brief: Create a film, rooted in fashion that serves as a subtle conversation about life and the unknown without being too invasive 
Who: Beth Taaffe-Priscillas

The Dollhouse
Client: Black Magazine
Brief: Create a dark, romantic film with nuances that lead to a subtle story line open to interpretation
Who: Emma @IMG, Georgie @Priscillas

The Renaissance & The Moving Painting

Client: Laud Magazine

Brief: Create a theatrical narrative to be shot in studio

Who: Lea @Vivien's, Sharon @Priscillas

Client: Sheike

Brief: Spring  Campaign. Create a beautiful, nostalgic feeling campaign film with a nod to the European spring time.

Who: Zoe Barnard @ IMG

The Heist

Client: GQ Magazine Australia

Brief: Direct a fashion film with subtle references to Australia with a rustic-chic aesthetic
Who: Kit Butler 

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